Our principles is an individual approach, high quality of services, transparency and integrity in business dealings

Personal approach
We continually strive to better know our clients, a deeper insight into their problems and needs. We heed their wishes and pay great attention to tiniest details.

High quality services
We care about all our clients, offering exceptionally healthy, useful and tasty food. The products we use have all the necessary certification of quality. And command of our company consists of only highly qualified staff.

It is the right to full and clear information about our company. We organize our work in such a way that each of our clients receive valid information regarding our company and its activities. We will render services of the highest quality and always look for new opportunities to create added value of our services to the clients.

Anti-corruption policy
The company «Meteor Group» does not participate in unethical, illegal and unfair activities. The main principles of business relations of our company are trust, honesty and fairness.

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